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Centaurus contains several very bright stars because of its position in the Milky Way; . However, most authorities consider Sagittarius to be the civilized Chiron, .

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These large, infrared-bright stars are populous in the Sagittarius galaxy but . believed that we orbit the center of our galaxy in a sinusoidal pattern, but that is .

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    History of the constellations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The stars of the Greek Capricorn and Gemini, for example, were known to the Assyrians . list has been added to in order to fill gaps between Ptolemy's patterns.

    Pavo (constellation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ridpath, Ian; Tirion, Wil (2007), Stars and Planets Guide, Princeton University Press, ISBN 978-0-691-13556-4; Staal, Julius D.W. (1988), The New Patterns in .

    Tetrabiblos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Gerard of Feltre's 13th century text Summa on the Stars demonstrates the . of national economics, wars, epidemics, natural disasters and weather patterns. . whilst Spain is reported to be more subject to Sagittarius and Jupiter, (from which is .

    Star Trek - Astrodienst

    . builds his own ¿Star Trek¿ more after the conventional pattern of a suspense- flick: a . in exploring strange new worlds (Sagittarius), the ability not to impose your own . Astro Wiki. AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology.

    Telescopium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There are no European names for stars in this constellation. . Telescopium is a small constellation bordered by Sagittarius and Corona Australis to the north, .

    Yellowman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    . original riddim differed in their choice of using either the AA or AB pattern. . Yellowman continues to perform internationally with his Sagittarius Band, and has . Kingston Signals Vol.1 (2004) Music Video Distributors; Stars in Action, Part 2 .

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    List of unconfirmed extrasolar planets - Wikipedia, the free ...

    There are several known stars for which potential planetary transits have . SWEEPS J175853.29?291233.5 · Sagittarius, 17h 58m 53s, ?29° 12? 34? . Subsequent timings showed that patterns were not predicted by planetary models.

    Octans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Unlike the north pole, it has no bright pole star: Sigma Octantis (? Oct) is a . The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars, The McDonald and .

    How many light years away is the sagittarius - Wiki Answers

    Answer: Sagittarius, like the other constellations, is an imaginary pattern in the sky formed by imaginary lines that connect several stars. The individual stars in a .

    File:Omega Nebula.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    . is located about 5500 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius. The wave-like patterns of gas have been sculpted and illuminated by a torrent of ultraviolet radiation from young, massive stars, which lie outside the picture to the upper .

    Cepheus (constellation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Staal, Julius D.W. (1988), The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars (2nd ed.), The McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company, ISBN .

    Cygnus X-1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Diagram showing star positions and boundaries of the Cygnus constellation and its . near where the spur approaches the Sagittarius Arm. Cygnus X-1 has been . Cygnus X-1 can vary in a somewhat repetitive pattern called quasi-periodic .

    • Pulsar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      A pulsar (portmanteau of pulsating star) is a highly magnetized, rotating . results in changing scintillation patterns over timescales of a few minutes. . Pulsars orbiting within the curved space-time around Sgr A*, the supermassive black hole .

    • Boötes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      In Hawaii, the pattern of Boötes was called Hoku-iwa, meaning "stars of the frigate bird". This constellation marked the path for Hawaiiloa on his return to Hawaii .

    • Barber's pole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The Swan portion of M17, the Omega Nebula in the Sagittarius nebulosity is said . During World War I and World War II, the pattern has also been used as an . Alternatively, a "Four Man Star" can "Hook Up" and then the formation rotates to .

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    Mensa (constellation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Though the stars of Mensa do not feature in any ancient mythology, the . The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars, The McDonald and .

    Skyglow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Humans cannot perceive this pattern, but some arthropods can. . facing south toward Sagittarius, three forms of light pollution obscure the stars and faintly .

    House (astrology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    . under the horizon, and represented areas of life on the following pattern with . Cadent houses are ruled by Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces . . i.e. wandering stars, as opposed to the fixed stars of the constellations).

    Volans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ridpath, Ian; Tirion, Wil (2007), Stars and Planets Guide, Princeton University Press, ISBN 978-0-691-13556-4; Staal, Julius D.W. (1988), The New Patterns in .

    Kamuku National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    . a large isolated inselberg with a smooth surface stratified in a pattern of black and white . The park is important for species such as the Secretary Bird ( Sagittarius . and Katsina areas during the Fulani jihad at the start of the 19th century.

    • List of Battlestar Galactica (reimagining) locations - Wikipedia, the ...

      Aerilon is one of three habitable planets in the Helios Delta star system, along with . Felix Gaeta noted similarities in the remnant patterns and believes the Eye of Jupiter is a marker . The planet was settled by the Sagittarius tribe of Kobol.

    • During what season is sagittarius visible - Wiki Answers

      During what season is sagittarius visible? . Around midnight, look around the southern sky and find some pattern of stars that you'll recognize if you see them .

    • Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Astronomy/Constellations Task Force ...

      Proposal: Two Hemispheres star maps for finding constellations? . or a story about astronomer Abbé Lacaille travelling to South Africa), and star patterns, where details . that seem to be partially adhering to Covington's article (but see Aries!) .

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    Messier 87 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The stars in this galaxy form about one sixth of Messier 87's mass. . X-ray source ; designated Virgo X-1 as the first X-ray source detected in Virgo. . The jet is precessing, causing the outflow to form a helical pattern out to a distance of 1.6 pc .

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    Galaxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system consisting of stars, stellar . the shape of approximate logarithmic spirals, a pattern that can be theoretically . in the process of cannibalizing the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy and the .

    Astrology in the Bible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Revelation's description of the Son of man fits the pattern of stars in the . After the sun has its fateful encounter with Scorpio, it moves on to Sagittarius (Pontius .

    Template talk:Zodiac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, since our Wikipedia article is called Scorpius, the template should refer to the . are areas that have successively evolved from star patterns that perhaps 600 BC . of the precession the Vernal Equinox is now in the first half in Pisces.

    • Zodiac P.I. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Lili uses the Star Ring to tell fortunes and, at times, to transform into the disguise of . Chiron (????, Kairon): The Astral Spirit of Sagittarius. . right-left format instead of the usual English left-right pattern), each of which has several chapters .

    • Planets in astrology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Therefore, the patterns that the planets make in the sky reflect the ebb and flow of basic . The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system, around which the Earth and other . is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer.

    • Dorado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Alpha Doradus is a blue-white star of magnitude 3.3, 176 light-years from Earth. . Julius D.W. (1988), The New Patterns in the Sky, McDonald and Woodward .

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    Canis Minor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Canis Minor was one of the original 48 constellations formulated by Ptolemy in his 2nd-century Almagest, in which it was defined as a specific pattern of stars.

    Planetary habitability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    These findings confirm that the Sun is not unique among stars in hosting planets . deal with changing shade/sun patterns, or change from photosynthesis to stored . "Organic Molecule, Amino Acid-Like, Found In Constellation Sagittarius ".

    Comet Hale–Bopp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    . of 10.5 and lay near the globular cluster M70 in the constellation of Sagittarius. . He was out with friends near Stanfield, Arizona observing star clusters and . pattern of comet Hale–Bopp's dust emission observed in October of 1995.

    Stargate (device) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Because the coordinates pick out stars, and because time leads to stellar drift, . gates) rotates clockwise and counterclockwise in an alternating pattern until the . of Taurus, Serpens Caput, Capricornus, Monoceros, Sagittarius and Orion).

    Bamboo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Clumping bamboo species tend to spread slowly, as the growth pattern of the . as the bamboo within can become rootbound and start to display the signs of any . It is also cooked with tender pumpkin leaves to make sag green leaves.

    • Zodiarts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      . and each Zodiarts body is decorated with the pattern of the constellation it is named . True to the nature of his Zodiarts form, which is based on a star sign that . before taking a Rider Super Galaxy Finish meant for the Sagittarius Zodiarts.

    • Indefinite and fictitious numbers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . words can be transformed into ordinal numbers or fractions by the usual pattern of appending the suffix -th, . Sagan's number is the number of stars in the observable universe. . Murder in Scorpio.

    • Script Tattoos & Designs | Tattoo Art

      New wiki site about hot to paint images . Website about wiki wiki pages and infor . Praying Hands, Raven, Rebel Flag, Religious, Rose, Rose Heart, Sagittarius . What is the longest session you've ever sat straight? . to dainty spiral patterns; while the backdrops might be of open books, scrolls, or aged parchment paper.

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Gullstrand–Painlevé coordinates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ignoring effects of rotation, for Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole residing at the center of the . is the angle between the distant star and the radially outward direction. . The pattern of distribution is similar to that previously exhibited.

  • Archaeoastronomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    These are colours associated with Venus as an evening and morning star. . chance, usually by demonstrating common patterns of alignment at multiple sites. . date would have the sun in Sagittarius due to the precession of the equinoxes.

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