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Anime games may be the Japanese version of licensed movie games, but in our dream world, some . Home · Xbox 360 · PS3 · PC . Several of the most popular anime series in the West like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naruto have been made into games already, but many more either have not, or haven't had games .

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Avatar: The Last Airbender News and Blogs - Giant Bomb

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a video game that consists of 8 releases . You know a franchise has made it when they start cranking out cart racers. The Avatar : . as well as gift cards which I used to get PSN cards which I used to get Um Jammer Lammy (weird and confusing) and Pixeljunk Shooter (haven't played yet) and.

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    Ds - What about Channel 4?

    Each team has different combos and can make for a pretty good time experimenting. Sound and . PS3 owners, Sony is having a sale on various PSN games this week. $5: . Since the case and instructions haven't been touched by anyone, they're in perfect condition. . •Avatar - The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno .

    Why Skylanders Deserves Your Attention from

    Aug 6, 2012 . The truth is that while the game's mission might be to make money, Skylanders' . When Activision took over Vivendi's properties in 2008, they assumed . and while we haven't seen applications for it yet, the technology could . If you are someone who enjoys watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender show, .

    Last - T-Nation

    I just beat the game on ps3 and have started my 2nd play through. . me so much of their earlier games which im of the opinion they should make another in the theif series . Has anyone here watched " Avatar:The last airbender" and " Thelegend of Korra" cartoons? . I haven't seen Korra yet and will probably wait until dvd.;jsessionid=BC7FC8AD7065B3940DF56DBF1F8C61FD-mcd02.hydra?id=5088596&pageNo=40

    50+ Civilization Civ5 - Page 53 - 2K Games Forums

    Really they would be worthy and suitable to be in the game as a fully fledged civ. . It just doesn't make sense to me, as it requires very specific circumstances. . They haven't changed much since the Ice Age, that kind of . but my mind goes to the manga series Avatar: The Last Airbender (not the movie!) .

    Ultimate Achievements List: Boost Your Gamerscore - NowGamer

    Aug 10, 2011 . Avatar: The Last Airbender . All the achievements are really easy to unlock, as they focus on playing through the game (which is extremely .

    • Gaming Nexus - Dark Horse announces The Art of Portal 2 - by ...

      2 days ago . well I def enjoy the growlanser series and this game is amazeing and pretty . Avatar: The Last Airbender, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan the . 0 ilovejuice 1 week ago frame rate issues ps3 specific or they occur on both . avatar go to profile defunctgamer 78p 1 week ago i haven t had a chance .

    • Naruto Shippuden May 2012 Schedule - Getting Back on Track ...

      Apr 26, 2012 . The opening made us hopeful that more canon material was coming, nice to have confirmation . They don't reveal that much about their games until they're really close to getting released. . 5d's was ok at the start but i got bored of it and as for zexal i haven't . It's a spin off of Avatar the last Airbender.

    • Blizzard Developers Are Saps ~ Game BLARG

      Aug 20, 2012 . They made some decisions with the loot system that were very different than the . On one hand I am sad that people haven't enjoyed Diablo because it's a love, . I own a variety of different consoles (PS3, WII, PS2, PS1) and . (1) Atari (1) Augmented Reality (1) Avatar: The Last Airbender (1) Avengers (1) .

  • white spots on face - Nintendo Wii

    Avatar the Last Airbender: The Burning Crusade is an entire retelling of the . I don't usually play sports games — mostly because they take themselves too . While I haven't tried the game on anything but the Wii, Shrek the Third for the Wii has . I've noticed this frequently when my children - who are 8 and 10 - have made .

    Sucker Punch Productions: Our Favorite Superheroes – PlayStation ...

    Dec 27, 2010 . PS3: Beyond Two Souls . This was the 70s, which was about ten years before Frank Miller made Batman cool. . They are powerful but still vulnerable; they are aspirational but still relatable. . happy holidays, and can't wait to play your awesome game in 2011! 7 . Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Blue Ten | FanFiction

    Browse » Anime . Books . Cartoons . Comics . Games . Misc . Movies . Plays . . allows, as I believe it has made me a better person -- more well-rounded, that is :) . . the Titans defeat a mysterious assassin targeting Starfire, they are thrust into a . Animations: Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto, IGPX, Samurai .

    Intercontinuity Crossover - Television Tropes & Idioms

    Sometimes it's because both shows share writers or producers and they think it . This appeared in the manga and anime (since both shows were made by Toei and . To promote the Jump Superstars game for the DS, a manga was included for . There is actually a rather good one between Avatar The Last Airbender and .

    STEAM | Oh Shit, Halloween Sale, and Condemned is Finally on Steam ...

    Sep 23, 2012 . SR3 was a fun game, though I hope they get more creative with the . Sweet, just activated and made an engineer, thanks! . PSN/Xbox Live: shdwcaster . it makes me think of how awesome an Avatar The Last Airbender game could be done in that style. . I haven't played Castle Crashers in a long time.

    • One Piece: Pirate Warriors News and Blogs - Giant Bomb

      Sep 28, 2012 . A One Piece game in the style of Dynasty Warriors. Play as the fearless Monkey D. Luffy and crew as they venture across . I'll be honest, I haven't read this series , but when I caught a glimpse of . takashichea's Pick: My pick is Avatar: The Last Airbender - The . Capcom Origins, Playstation Network (PS3) .

    • Official NFL Thread 14 - Page 16 - Forums

      Shurmur won't go till the offseason at minimum and they'll release Vick before . during the game I went and checked the amount of fantasy points that Peyton has . WHY THE SMEG HAVEN'T I BEEN STARTING MANNING ALL THIS TIME? . They made the playoffs more but usually lost in the first round after being the .

    • New Xbox 360 Gears of War Will Be Revealed Next Week

      May 31, 2012 . The people at Game Informer magazine know, but they're not saying until . and new ips made for that system which later branch out into a series games . dull 90 of the time and i haven t played a single microsoft game ever that . arcania gothic iv dreamcatcher avatar the last airbender the burning earth .

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    List of all PS2 games in US!!! - PlayStation® Community Forums

    Nov 17, 2008 . If anybody can find missing games or games that didn't came out in US, then please reply . Avatar: The Last Airbender -- The Burning Earth .

    The Future of Yugioh! Video Games - Forums

    They Should Fix Formats And Balance The Game First. . Plus, if you haven't noticed on top of this, YGO Online is being shut down in .

    articles « Exposing my socks to the world

    They love to gush on about how great Latest Blockbuster 4 HD is, and you . So, with that said, I figured I'd share a few of the games from my actual collection, and how they make me . Game: Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth . 7:29 PM CST Haven't seen Samuel L. Jackson since the '07 awards, I wasn't .

    XBLA & PSN Reviews « Indie Gamer Chick

    Feb 7, 2012 . So here's a wild idea: if they had the rights to make this game, why couldn't . crazy space-age technology that leprechauns have given us over the last twenty years? . I'm only 22, and I sure as hell hope I haven't already played the best . that I swear looked like it was ripped right from the Last Airbender.

    • ImToph on deviantART

      My favorite thing to do is play fighting games like mortal kombat. and i like cosmetics too. when im bored i make random comments on random ppls pages .

    • It's the Same, Now It Sucks - Television Tropes & Idioms

      They don't just want another rehash of the same things that they had last . Even if they make what most people would consider major changes to the . instead of pushing the game forward into the next generation with a PS3 or Xbox 360 title. . The creators of Avatar The Last Airbender are trying very hard to avoid this .

    • Modern Warfare 3 Reaches $1 Billion in Sales Faster Than Avatar

      Dec 12, 2011 . everyone i know HATES this game, they dropped the ball with the whole IW . all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD for the same . different. but it's not like they just made a new cover and sold the same disk to . Single player campaigns from War games haven't been good at all lately.

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    Shadows of Raven | FanFiction

    Browse » Anime . Books . Cartoons . Comics . Games . Misc . Movies . Plays . . I love my ps3 and my family and I'm a proud Catholic :) My favorite activity is probably . Avatar The Last Airbender-Iroh, Azula, Toph, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Mai, . lol) Yuffie&Leon (i dunno even tho they're from diff FFs in KH they seem so made .

    Message from the Dark Side… - Chris Waywell's Blog

    Either or they stand no chance for the mighty power of Cthulu and are quickly dispatched… . rather first proper) and it is a Lets Play! of the Indie game 'Cthulhu Saves the World'. . I haven't seen this series since I was about 12/13 but have recently . Much the same as Avatar : The Last Airbender, the story is incredibly well .

    Metroid: Zero Mission for Nintendo GBA | GameStop

    Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game Link... GBA $0.99 More Info · Avatar: The Last Airbender GBA $12.99 More Info · SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The King of Omashu" Review - IGN

    Feb 11, 2008 . In this episode of Avatar, Aang, Sokka, and Katara journey to the Kingdom of Omashu, land of a . I have childhood friends who I haven't seen in 20 years, but they had distinct features that I could . It helped make the show pop and I even got chills. . Get the IGN Games Newsletter - Over 2 Million Served!

    • Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Storm" Review | IGN Boards

      Article Comments for Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Storm" Review by . Cast Your Vote for Video Game President . This episode gave us some GREAT character development but it really wasn't that well made and trying to stuff . and qualify it by saying they're reviewing it as though they haven't seen .

    • It's time to get rid of achievements - Computer and Video Games

      Oct 31, 2011 . Since then we've seen the PS3 and plenty of PC platforms like Steam . though: Avatar: The Last Airbender changed achievements forever when it . I haven't loved achievements for a long time now, but that doesn't stop me . they weren't created to make games exciting again, they were made to bring .

    • Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Metacritic

      2) No suspense-- the protagonists are captured dozens of times and they always escape. . Had I not absolutely loved the first series I wouldn't have made it through this one. . I was a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and wasn't convinced that anything could top it. . If you haven't watched this, go and do so now.

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    What's your favourite video game? - Asexual Visibility and ...

    Aug 23, 2012 . They all rave about Final Fantasy and Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts . However , I'm a PS3 gamer. . Avatar the last airbender for PS2, Gran Turismo series, Frogger . I haven't seen those levels for nearly 25 years and just seeing . my parents liked to make us feel like outcasts and always seemed to buy .

    Sonic Generations Review

    Sep 1, 2012 . PSN ID: Isdailic . If you guys haven't noticed the past 6 years, Sonic the Hedgehog has been through a lot. . Sonic Generations starts off with celebrating Sonics birthday, last . Green Hills, Chemical Plant, Speed Highway, they're all here. . Sonic game then this is the pinnacle of how it should be made.

    takashichea's Blog

    Sep 28, 2012 . PS3N, PS3, X360, PC . I'll be honest, I haven't read this series, but when I caught a glimpse of . the department's regulars scare off the new girl and make her hightail it . takashichea's Pick: My pick is Avatar: The Last Airbender - The . The company Nitroplus announce that they will release the game in .

    My Unlikely Smash Bros Character List

    Aug 3, 2012 . My Unlikely Smash Bros Character List by Alejandro Correa. Visit for the best blogs about video games.

    • Supreme Distraction | FanFiction

      Browse » Anime . Books . Cartoons . Comics . Games . Misc . Movies . Plays . . be filled by yours truly -insert evil cackle here- I'd prefer if they were yuri (het is a- ok), . when their stories are one chapter long and haven't been updated for three years!!, . Avatar: Last Airbender: MaixTy LeexAzula, JunxKatara, KataraxToph.

    • Game RantComic-Style Cult Classic 'The Darkness' Set To Have A ...

      Feb 8, 2011 . Appearing on the Xbox 360 and PS3, it followed the story of one Jackie . also the 'let's see you make a game' BS is the most overused and . Even if they haven't really released a “Good” game since the Unreal Tournament games. . at games like avatar the last airbender and kungfu panda. f*ck off dbag .

    • Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Review

      Sep 11, 2012 . Total Points: 15315; Rank: Evil Genius; Last Visit: Sat Sep 29 17:40:00 . PSN ID: Isdailic . While the game does a lot to make you feel like a galactic space . The most important weapon they produce is a giant mech called the Titan, . I've just been buying up more high priority games and haven't been .

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Uncategorized « matt london

Aug 2, 2012 . I've started blogging for the retro video game appreciation site created . If you want to help new spec fic writers be the best they can be, . all I've been able to think about is the stuff I haven't done. . I made a pen pal over power ups. . I compare and contrast the original Avatar series, The Last Airbender, .

  • THQ sending Wii and DS players into The Last Airbender's 'world of ...

    Apr 7, 2010 . Avatar: The Last Airbender's move from Nickelodeon cartoon to live-action . The company has announced Wii and DS games based on M. Night . Looks like they are doing a good job of adapting the cartoon and I'm . From all I've heard I guess I should consider myself lucky I haven't . No PS3/360 love?

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