Afro Puffy Twists: A Protective Style in Review « hairscapades

Jan 23, 2012 . I was originally going to call this post, “Afro Puffy Twists or How My Dream Turned into a . But they do have the tendency to look like locs. Reply ? . http://www. .

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Specialties - Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX - 2303 W Parmer Ln ...

We have all sorts of twist hairstyles: Nubian twists, Puffy twists, Kinky twists, . You can even carry our sewn in weave for 4 months although we do not . There are feed-in (no-knot) and there are with-knot cornrows and the looks are miles .

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    Great Hair or Great Body? - A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss

    Apr 6, 2012 . However… because I know what my head would look like otherwise, I'm . I just got kinky twists put in and am considering a transition to natural. . My hair is really puffy at the roots right now, however, I figured this was a .

    How to do Kinky twist - Protective style (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube

    Jun 19, 2011 . How to do Afro Kinky Twist - using Janet Afro Bulk hair 24" What you need Hair . kinky - the older? it looks the more natural and nicer - in my opinion . Afro Puffy Twist#3, First time mistakes (3 of 3)by Toliahli46,880 views .

    I am Transitioning again!! So I put in Kinky Twists Myself!! - YouTube

    May 2, 2012 . Hey guys...this is the first time I actually did kinky twists all on my own. . Good luck on transitioning...again the kinky twist look great! . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent)by tonidaley80Featured30,498 .

    My First Kinky Twist EVER - YouTube

    Sep 13, 2010. is about how I made the decision to do my own kinky twist braids! . They look so natural. . This video is a response to Puffy/Fluffy Twists!

    FluFFy twist FAIL.....KinKy twist SUCCESS!!!!!! Protective ... - YouTube

    Aug 22, 2011 . You should really do a tutorial bc they really look great!!! and your very pretty? might I add! . This video is a response to My Fluffy/Puffy Twists .

    • My Kinky Twists from Start to Finish - Express Braiding Salon ...

      Dec 26, 2011 . Hey thanks for comment on my YouTube I was looking at ur video I'm like wow 10 pack of hair I do kinky twist my self I used to tell my client just .

    • Conditioning Your Hair in Twists, Braids & Extensions! | Curly Nikki ...

      Jun 29, 2012 . This is a great summertime look, so ladies, if your hair is thick enough, it should be . Antoinette asked me to share what I do while my hair is in twists or braids . I read about them when Shelli did a post on her Afro Puffy twists end of . Trust me, I wore kinky twist extensions in my fine, soft hair off and on for .

    • Kinky twist results/How to - YouTube

      Jul 22, 2012 . Kinky twists I did on myself... . My First Kinky Twist Experienceby MsGGP0222 views · Beyonce Inspired High Bun on Kinky Braids 7:01 .

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    I Reveal 5 easy Steps To Create Perfect "Kinky Twist" - YouTube

    Dec 20, 2010 . learn how to do kinky twist / 2 strand twist 2 different ways. starting off with a twist or starting off with a braid . thank you now i? can finally do that in my hair . time and they always came out looking something other than kinky twists. . Afro Puffy Twist#3, First time mistakes (3 of 3)by Toliahli46,880 views .

    Kinky Twist Tutorial - YouTube

    Oct 12, 2010 . I decided to do kiny twist to my hair one day on a last minute whim. . why the back doesn't look to be all the same size...some are still large while others . Afro Puffy Twist#3, First time mistakes (3 of 3)by Toliahli46,726 views .

    Do Them Yourself...Kinky twist (#30) - YouTube

    Aug 11, 2012 . hi i tried doing kinky twist but for some reason they don stay tight it seems like as . get loose? an sort of puffy what advice can you give me to prevent them from doing that? . im all thumbs? when it comes to make it look so ez. . However, I can do the kankelon it makes my scalp it for some reason.

    Kinky Twists -- My Protective Style - YouTube

    Jul 25, 2011 . My first attempt at kinky twists as a protective hair style for my natural hair. . ur pweetti :) nohomo lol the style really looks good on yu.? . Puffy screw. . I did my big chop in April and I've been wearing my lace front ever since.

    Puffy Twist in action..(15 mins long) - YouTube

    Mar 11, 2011 . Showing you how i do my puffy twists. Had to . What technique is different from this ( fluffy twist) and? kinky twist? . This looks so cute on? you!

    New Nubian Twists? « hairscapades

    Aug 12, 2011 . Listen, I don't care how “nice” it looks, you ain't burning or cutting my hair to . the “kinky” twist hair wouldn't blend well and I would be concerned with . I think i'll go for the afro puffy twist hair because it looks more natural for .

    • Afro Fluffy/Puffy Twists - MAINTENANCE (Requested) - YouTube

      May 13, 2012 . I use this method to maintain my twists and braided styles. click here for . Love that look on? you! . Why did I start popping my ass as soon as I pushed play?? Lol! . Twist Styleby kinkyknots3,552 views; My Fluffy/Puffy Twists .

    • Crochet Kinky Twists Tutorial - YouTube

      Oct 13, 2012 . I'm about to do crochet braids so I have watched? like a thousand "how to" . that u did, the ligther color matched so good with your skin ton^^, in my opinion:D . I mean these twists look like regular ole kinky twists rather than crocheted ones! . Afro Puffy Twist#3, First time mistakes (3 of 3)by Toliahli46,138 .

    • Janet Twists (aka Chunky/Large Kinky Twists) - YouTube

      Sep 2, 2012 . INTRODUCING Janet Twists aka Chunky Kinky Twists! . I WILL try this as soon as I take out my XL solange braids..i did those myself . You look great btw! . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent)by .

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    Natural Hair Update UK: Back to Kinky Twists - Protective Styling ...

    Mar 10, 2012 . Kinky Twists have been a great way for me to protect my hair. . No, I got someone to do them, but I had to re-do? a lot of them when they started looking untidy. . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent)by .

    426. Kinky twists inspired by my hair idol. - YouTube

    Jun 13, 2012 . The front section is my own hair and will not be dipped. . This video is a response to Simple Two Strand Twists w/Natural Looking Extensions (For Long and Short Hair) . You? did s great job on your hair. . My Fluffy/Puffy Twistsby napngo96,490 views; PROTECTIVE STYLE FOR HAIR GROWTH .

    afro puffy twist or fluffy twists - YouTube

    Jul 19, 2012 . i have afro puffy/fluffy twists right now. hip hip hooray! i ordered my hair from www $10.95 a bag. the hair is called nafy . hair by judi 281-589-7265. ms. judi does hair extensions, fusion, . I've been looking for this hair for like 4 ever. . i have never had kinky twists before. i am not sure though.

    Puffy/Fluffy Twists- New Protective Style! (mini tutorial) - YouTube

    Apr 15, 2012 . I love this style because it looks soo natural but I know there are also some negatives that . the hair is VERY poofy... it does NOT fit in my satin bonnet at all . How-To:Kinky Twists, Senegalese Twists & Spring/Puffy Twists .

    • Check Out My Hair~ Spring Twists Install Part 2 - YouTube

      Jan 22, 2012 . I would like to just twist it into my hair like I do for regular kinky twists. . LOOOVE this look...but hate the time it takes to braid. . Tasha's Afro Puffy Twists!by TashaMylee26,699 views; ?45?NATURAL HAIR IS SEXY HAIR!

    • How To| Long Afro Puffy Twists Tutorial (Natural/Transitioning Hair ...

      Aug 5, 2012 . [Watch in HD] How To: Long Afro Puffy Twists Hair Tutorial. . My best protective style for my transitioning hair (i was 9 months post relaxer) so far. I will be going . Large long Chunky Kinky Twist, Soft Afro Hair . do you put your hair in hot water after your? done or do u just leave it? . This looks awesome.

    • {4} How to: Latchhook/Crochet Puffy or Nubian Twist - YouTube

      Mar 16, 2011 . Just thought I would demonstrate how I use a latchhook to install my . all seem to be kinky twist thanks for your spin on this! . Crochet Senegalese Twist (Finished Look)by dohair60009,458 views; Hair To Dos .

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    Kinky Twist Tutorial on Natural Hair - YouTube

    Dec 9, 2011 . This was my first attempt and overall I really like them. . The hair looks great.? . How to do Kinky twist - Protective style (Part 1 of 2) . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent)by tonidaley8030,498 views .

    Tutorial: How To Curl Kinky Twist w/ Perm Rods - YouTube

    Feb 16, 2012 . Tutorial: How To Curl Kinky Twist ??? This video will show you How To Curl Kinky Twist Correctly. If you are looking for a great natural Hair Styles / Braid ... . I would Love for you to Check out and Join my Other Websites: . Transitioning Hair Style Tutorial: Puffy/Kinky Twistby CcDeeZy72,699 views .

    Fluffy afro puffy twist part 2 - YouTube

    Mar 31, 2012 . Next time I will pay Angel to do my hair. lol Look for my different hair . twisted hair with beadsby yonniesnatural18 views · AFRO KINKY TWIST .

    Mom Bun Reloaded | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Natural ...

    Apr 3, 2012 . I must say it's the best thing I did for my hair (besides deciding to go natural :D). . I use a bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today diluted with water for a leave-in and then . Plus, I do a co-wash with a stocking cap on, and the twist look fresh again! . my ear, leaving the top unparted middle wavy and slightly puffy.

    • Decoding Hair Texture: Hair Typing Systems 101 | Curly Nikki ...

      Aug 14, 2012 . As a result, my hair looks and feels its best with thick conditioners, heavier cream based . and styles such as twist outs, bantu knots, kinky twists and corn rows. . On my hair if I want to do a wash n go style I require first of all, a lot of . I am rocking my fierce frohawk or poofy bangs? smh. sorry for the book.

    • Enjoying my new fluffy puffy twist - YouTube

      Feb 14, 2011 . your twists look very good on you and you did an excellent? job!!! chesumluv 1 . How-To:Kinky Twists, Senegalese Twists & Spring/Puffy Twists .

    • AFRO KINKY TWIST - YouTube

      Oct 28, 2011 . Click on the links below to purchase our DVDs: Loose Box Braids with Feather Tips . Hello. I didn't quite catch the name of the dry looking hair used well either of them. . if you have short hair up to your neck? can you do kanky twist? . My Afro Puffy Twist Installation(HOW TO:)by sheadjones8,079 views .

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    How to Take Care of Kinky Hair |

    . moisture as possible. While kinky hair does require additional care and a... . Different Kinds of Kinky Twists; How to Make Kinky Hair Curly. Print this article .

    How to Kinky Twist - YouTube

    Dec 12, 2009 . I explain how I do my kinky twist. . I never leave comments and you may not even look at your channel anymore but I just wanted to thank you.

    Crochet kinky twists by Wright Braids - YouTube

    Oct 3, 2011 . A tutorial showing my technique on how to do crochet twists/braids. . Afro Puffy Twist#3, First time mistakes (3 of 3)by Toliahli46,880 views; Final . Crochet Senegalese Twist (Finished Look)by dohair60009,458 views; How .

    8| Nubian Twists: How to style Nubian, Kinky Twists, and your ...

    Feb 23, 2012 . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent) 4:46 . How To Do Nubian Twist/kinky twistby SWEETMSHONEY35,202 views · Nubian Twist Tutorial . Natural Looking Protective Style | My Twist on Nubian Twists .

    Kinky twist tutorial - YouTube

    Feb 6, 2012 . This is a short video showing how i apply kinky twist extensions onto my hair. . It's look just like senegalese twist. . AFRO PUFFY/FLUFFY TWISTS (and my fake british accent) . How To Do Kinky Twist Braidsby VideojugBeauty21,949 views · #97 - Moisturizing Flat Twists & Faux Ponytail Style Tutorial .

    • SO sAd :( KINKY HAIR TWISTS have made me BALD!!!!!!!! - YouTube

      Mar 13, 2012 . i do my own kinky twist and i make sure i leave my edges out and that there . #1 i look crazy in this video, but I was so down on this morning I didn't care! . Afro Puffy (Fluffy) Twists Tut ??by UniQueLeeMade55,699 views .

    • Facing Reality About The Hair You Have | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair ...

      Mar 30, 2012 . I'm actually grateful for my kinky, curly hair because I'll always have . funny I like your poofy look more than chili's . . I never thought about what my hair would look like before going natural and I . Whenever I do twist-outs and see it lying down I try to fluff it out because I'm absolutely in love with big hair.

    • What is the best hair for [Archive] - Black Hair care forum

      Just like how I did my braids, I watched some youtube videos and I'm ready to try this out on my own head! . There's an Afro weft that they use to do kinky twists. . Thanks V! I will look into it, I also heard a lot of people use Marley braids too. . but it could say afro somethng or another..its nice in puffy lol .

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Natural Hair Protective Style Kinky Twists - YouTube

Sep 17, 2012 . I'm trying to go 3 weeks with them because I'm like so tired of my hair. . Looks Good, I Like the? Colors. . afro puffy twist or fluffy twistsby chocolateisnatural 3,047 views · Protective Style - Kinky Twists - first ever . How to do Kinky twist - Protective style (Part 1 of 2)by Jobabylive54,069 views · afro puffy twist .

  • New Do! Afro Kinky Bulk - YouTube

    May 1, 2012 . I wanted to share my new do because I am loving it. . I am going to Jamaica June 1st for my? 11th wedding anniversary and was looking for a style and you . Washing Kinky Twists Tutorialby InspiredCoils29,170 views; Puffy .

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